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Recover Easier and Safer with our Surgeon Approved Post Op Care!

About Us

We believe that every BODY matters.

Isha Esthetics and Wellness offers a variety of services to help patients heal, grow, and glow after cosmetic surgery or find a body beauty wellness routine that fits their lifestyle. We understand that in order to heal fully, it is important for there to be a comfortable and intimate space where patients can relax and recover either in the comfort of their own home or in our intimate, spa-like setting.

Our licensed, insured, and skilled team of Medical Aestheticians, Certified Medical Assistants, and RN's keep this our amazing gem we call "Spa" going. 

We've served over 400 post operation appointments and helped clients lose a total of 350 pounds, 76 inches when they added us to their body wellness journey.


Thanks to you allowing us to add the value to your life, we are also now able to tap into new markets, expanding the opportunities of quality care to those facing thyroid conditions, transition/gender identity discovery, and orthopedic care needs! 


Our small but mighty team is beyond grateful for you, and hope that in the near future we can continue serving you, your friends or loved ones for more years to come! 


Just like the body of our amazing clients, we make it a personal goal to customize and diversify the treatment to suite our clients needs, concerns, and long term goals. No matter what stage of life you are in! 

Body Contouring Treatments 


Post Operation Treatments

  • SculptICE

  • Wood therapy/Moderoterapia

  • Contouring Body Wraps

  • Buttocks Vacuum Therapy

  • Ultrasound Cavitation

  • Radio Frequency 

  • RF Cavitation

  • Cryotherapy 

  • Pre-Op Consultations

  • IV Hydration

  • Post Op Lympatic Care

  • Drain removal (with doctors orders)

  • Bedside Assistance

  • Post Op transportation

  • Ambulation assistance

  • Vital Checks



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All care is strictly confidential & HIPAA compliant. We reserve the right to refuse servicing clients that don't uphold our teams safety and professionalism. All sales on services are final.

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