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Isha Esthetics and Wellness is Utah's premier plastic surgery and body repair spa for all your self love beauty needs! Our five-star establishment and team customizes and cultivates the BEST experience within a tranquil spa like atmosphere

Ready to heal, grow, and glow?

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As Utah's leading, surgeon approved post op recovery spa, we take pride in ensuring that our dolls (or kens!) find peace and safety during their vulnerable times. Traveling for surgery? Let us bring the Recovery House experience to you! Our partnership with local high end hotels gives you that comfort at home, away from home.



Make your dreams a sustainable reality with our award winning body contouring treatments! We do everything from the buttocks vacuums, lipo paddles, cavitation, and internationally acclaimed SculptICE©. Results are seen after the first treatment and it is recommended to do a series of 5 for best results.



We are proud to be the first, but more importantly we are EDUCATED when it comes to treatments for Women of Color. From our Medical Director to our Licensed Estheticians, helping YOU feel confident and glowing is our

-consistent- form of activism. Medical grade peels are done under the care of a Nurse Practitioner.

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Isha Esthetics and Wellness is Utah's premier post op recovery spa that takes

a mindful approach to recovery and turns the concept of "med spa" on it's head! Our team is comprised of Medical Aestheticians, Certified Medical Assistants, CNAs, and our esteemed Nurse Practitioner. We are truly the most unique and diverse team ever seen in Utah.


Our aftercare services have been utilized by patients all over the state, and even beyond catering to a majority of the travel care for esteemed facilities such as Mia Aesthetics, Howland Plastic Surgery, IHC, and more! We are set up to bring the "recovery home" experience to you!

Feeling safe and respected is a very HUGE part of the recovery journey. That is why your privacy is so important to us! No matter where you stay, we maintain security and discretion with all of our treatment plans and programs.


Not going the route of surgery? Need to be prepped for a "Big Day" or looking to loose some post partum reminders? We've got you too! Making that first step is hard,

let us do the rest!

Recover Easier and Safer with our Surgeon Approved Post Op Care!

All care is strictly confidential & HIPAA compliant. We reserve the right to refuse servicing clients that don't uphold our teams safety and professionalism. All sales on services are final.