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Not A Typical Spa

So you're here. At the point where you are finally aware enough of your self-care needs that you are looking into ways to simply feel better. I get it. I'm there too! I also understand that not all treatments are created equal and can be quite confusing to figure out just what you need to do to get to the "better", and maybe even stay there. Below are some brief explanations of the services I offer towards better health and wellness opportunities. Keep in mind that the BEST thing to do is to book a FREE consultation so we can discover just what health and wellness means to you.


Isha Esthetics and Wellness offers a VARIETY of facial services! We understand that 

not all faces were created equally, but we do understand that Utah has the elements

that accelerate that inevitable aging process, and dehydrate that poor skin of yours. 

Body Treatments

When they say "we've got your back" here at Isha's then rest assured, we've

Got. Your. BACK! We can treat everything from body acne, stubborn fats,

and cellulite with organic methods unlike any you've seen before! 

Are My Services Right for You?

Not all services are created equal nor are they safe for everyone! If you are interested in visiting me as a part of your wellness routine, click the link below to discover if the treatment you are interested in is the right treatment for you!