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Tried the on the go and decide you need a base of operations MRP as well? This is the way to go! They actually last very nicely AND it's nutrition at the base of your fingertips. Free MRP recipes with the purchase of this larger sized product! 

Meal Replacement Powder

  • Will this product help with my digestion?
    Yes! Each serving of M.R.P. provides 8 billion units of probiotics. Probiotics support healthy intestinal function.

    Can a child drink M.R.P.?
    Yes! M.R.P. is ideal for all ages. Use a half serving for children.

    I am sensitive to milk products. Can I drink M.R.P.?
    M.R.P. contains whey protein from grass-fed, free-range cattle. It does not contain lactose or casein, which makes it ideal for many people who normally would have difficulty with milk.

    Is M.R.P. vegan friendly?
    No. It contains whey protein from grass-fed, free-range cattle.

    Does M.R.P contain soy?

    Does M.R.P. use denatured whey?
    When whey is denatured, it alters the chemical structure and for many, make it nearly impossible to digest effectively. Often times, to save money, companies use heat and/or chemical processes to extract the whey from whole milk. These processes denature whey (damages it). For these reasons; m'lis does not use denatured whey. M.R.P. contains a cold processed, high quality whey protein.

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