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Braid Community Feature: Isha Esthetics

Tenisha Hicks, owner of Isha Esthetics and Wellness

This week’s community feature highlights Murray spa owner Tenisha Hicks.

Braid: First, we’d love a short bio about yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Tenisha Hicks: My name is Tenisha Hicks, though many call me Isha, and I’m a Skin and Body Wellness Esthetician of 3 years located in Murray, UT. I focus on helping people feel good (whether that’s losing fat, losing weight, flushing toxins, clearing their skin, whatever) and I do that utilizing a different approach to the “typical” spa treatments one might expect.

B: How did you get to where you are now?

T: By falling flat on my face! Haha at least that’s what it felt like at times. But honestly I’ve been living by the saying “Faith and Elbow Grease” and that is even more apparent now that I own my own recovery spa. I know it took a lot of trial, definitely some errors, and some good old fashioned work.

B: What makes you passionate about what you do?

T: Oh gosh, honestly, it’s the people. I’ve seen so many wonderful people in the 3 years of my profession, and have experienced so many victories, and discoveries, with them that it just pushes me to keep going! As someone who has overcome many health challenges, and is still going through some, knowing that I’ve helped someone truly feel better or at least get some insight as to why they aren’t gives me that push. It’s like I get hungry for them to be their own success story, and honestly, seeing them get as passionate and hungry to BE that success story just has us feeding off one another and pushing towards those goals.

B: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs or to people who would like to start their own business?

T: Take the time to find your why. Truly. Like, why do you wanna go into being a business owner in the first place and is that something you can stick with? What are your end goals? Address what your own success means. Those 3, 5, 10 year goals are nice and all, but what are you doing daily to progress towards those goals? How are you accomplishing your tasks and are you also practicing what you teach? Don’t be afraid of taking the time to answer those maybe tough questions, and keep going! The hard work DOES pay off. Being nervous is just part of the process.

We loved learning about Isha and her business and we hope that you did too. If you’re looking to treat yourself to some spa pampering, book your appointment with Isha Esthetics and Wellness at the link here.

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