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Tenisha is located in Murray, UT and after 3 years of training and self created protocols, specializes in Total Body Wellness through detox, nutrition, and lipossage. She has a history of experience in the medical industry both a Medical Assistant and patient struggling with her own health and wellness. So when she says she "get's it" she really does GET IT!


Tenisha became certified in Sculptice in 2017 and quickly became one of the honored few SculptICE Specialist Trainers. Stepping down from physical trainings to finish her education as a Master Aesthetician, she is excited to once again be able to share her love of Sculptice upon graduation in June 2020. 

Among her achievements, Tenisha won first place as Player of the Year in the Open Category of The Skin Games, a competition where specialist in beauty and wellness compete with others from around the globe to prove their skills in a "challenge". Prior her win, she placed as a finalist for both 2017 and 2018. 


Always remembering the importance of balance, Tenisha takes pride in her self care and continuous journey and always loves her opportunities to grow as a person. She loves the outdoors, traveling, and is an avid foodie full of fun and light. She currently also is going through her own wellness journey, so believe me when I say, you'll be in good company with her.


The more you know and come to understand about your wellness needs, better you'll feel pursing it! We understand how frustrating it is to not know what is going with your wellness and/or recovery journey and in that space, is often pure frustration. We believe that the more you know, the more you can grow and take back the health and wellness you deserve. That's why we offer FREE consultations to help you not only understand our services, but to plan which is the best plan of action for you.


Now that you know, it's time to glow! A detailed plan of action is the next step of having an successful and result driven road to recovery. This plan includes everything from treatments rendered, frequency of visits, and payment options for all our guests.

We believe in being complete transparent when it comes to the potential financial responsibilities when it comes to treatments. We also believe in being flexible as possible, that is why we accept a variety of payments from in house plans, HSA/FLEX Spending, as well as CARECREDIT!


Now that we know what we are gonna do, how much it'll cost, and when to get started, it's not time to act! We here at Isha Esthetics and Wellness have a promise to show up each and every session with our guests, if they can promise to do the same. Our "safe space" standard of excellence allows clients the opportunities needed to grow, fall, crawl, and run at a comfortable pace.

Ready to take that first step?

Let's get started then! You can book that free consultation below!

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